Fabio Mauri. Un sognatore della ragione

Roberto Alberton
Silvana Editoriale, Milano

Fabio Mauri. Un sognatore della ragione


Exhibition catalogue (Trieste, 3 December 2010 - 27 February 2011)

“I cannot tell what art is”, Fabio Mauri wrote “but I can tell what a work of art is”. The work of art is where we can find our own identity, is a fragment of history which contains our existence. For Mauri - born in 1926 – the space in history is that of the Second World War, an event of the past which is, however, still felt as extremely significant, an enduring mark from which the artist takes inspiration to create majestic images thanks to the constant combination of different means and materials: from the white canvas of the ‘50s to the performance, to the installations and the projections on different backgrounds. Mauri’s work, whose value is ethical besides aesthetic, extract from the uninterrupted flow of history objects that become indelible memory of our own existence. 

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