Vomitare sulla Grecia (1972)

Vomitare sulla Grecia [Throwing up on Greece], the first “Multiplo Politico” [Political Multiple] realised by Fabio Mauri, is presented at the Centro Multipli of Rome in 1972. This work is characterised by a critical and political reflection on the uniqueness of the work of art, it is an artistic action aimed directly at a political target.

The artist imagines to “throw up on the Piraeus” of the colonels: he creates 500 sickness bags (like those given to passengers on board airplanes) full of resin, rice and other materials that look like thickened vomit.

Mauri is not interested in the mechanical reproduction of images: he believes that copies and multiples exist inside our thoughts and intentions, that they are more like a series of unique pieces.

Vomitare sulla Greciais a political accusation expressed through a real artistic multiple, both serial (the sickness bag, the graphic) and singular (each vomit is differently placed inside the fiberglass).    (Dora Aceto)


Exhibition dates and venues


1972 – Political multiple No 1: Vomitare sulla Grecia [Throwing up on Greece], Centro Multipli, Rome  

1973 - Vomitare sulla Grecia [Throwing up on Greece] - Mail Art, Ufficio per l’immaginazione preventiva, Gap, Rome

1994 – Retrospective Fabio Mauri. Opere e Azioni 1954 - 1994 [Fabio Mauri. Works and Actions 1954 - 1994], National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rome, curated by Carolyn Christov Bakargiev, supervised by Augusta Monferini

1995 – Omaggio a Rabelais, La Salernitana, Erice, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva

1997 – Retrospettiva Das Böse und das Schöne, Klagenfurt, a cura di Arnulf Rohsmann   

2012 – Nessuno e niente scompaia [No one and nothing diseappers!], Galleria Unosunove, Rome, curated by Raffaele Gavarro


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