Lezione di inglese (1977)

Lezione di Inglese [English lessons] 1997 is a comedy devised as a language course.

The two main characters, Ms Anne and Mr Johnson, in order to meet and discuss the renting of a big country house, travel through the English countryside and get to a lonely castle. The more the English lessons progress, the more challenging the grammar becomes. Even the story of the main characters - each of which is played by four body doubles - becomes more complicated. The theme is the search for Evil, but an Evil which is not only Hitler. The outcome is terrifying. The castle, represented on the scene by a series of raised floors, is in front of a big screen on which images of real places are projected one after the other. (Dora Aceto)


Exhibition dates and venues


1977 – Teatro Stabile, Rome, with Grazia Antonimi, Tony Garrani, Fabrizio Jovine, directed by Fabio Mauri and Robert Kleyn

– ORTF, Paris, with Emmanuelle Riva and Michael Piccoli, directed by Giorgio Pressburger and supervised by Fabio Mauri

– National Gallery of Canada, Montreal, curated by Germano Celant

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